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We offer revolutionary video monitoring technology across diverse industries. To see how our solutions will benefit you, please select the icon for your industry.


Ensure high manufacturing productivity using real-time surveillance, attaining immediate situational awareness, operational optimisation and data-driven intelligence to train and equip staff.


Embrace the evolving banking climate and personalise your services for every customer through sophisticated AI analysis and real-time insights.

Oil & Gas

Drive real-time onsite intelligence in a critical business landscape such as Oil and Gas, achieving the highest levels of safety and production.

Manufacturing Industry

Operate smarter to elevate your industrial performance

Discover what curated analytics can offer you

Frinks provides greater operative dexterity and resilience by linking the power of information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insights. By pairing the trusted capabilities of the AI technology with video surveillance, it allows businesses to benefit from rich, reliable data.

Banking Industry

Create an Analytical, Adapted and Active Banking Experience

Harness abundance for your Bank using smarter insights

Frinks offers real-time AI-based video analytics that collects customer experience data and operational insights for banks, allowing for tailor-made approaches for customers, that creates higher engagement, growth and customer retention.

Oil & Gas

Discover unmatched industrial AI monitoring

Explore AI-powered solutions for critical operations

Frinks delivers dramatic operational improvements and iron-clad safety and security through customised AI-fuelled data and analytics solutions for the oil and gas industry.